COVID-19 Correspondence#2 (Update): Phase 1 Lap Swimming

We are happy to announce the Mosby Woods Pool swim pool will be opening for Phase 1 on June 8th, 2020. Under the Phase 1 scenario, we will only be allowed to open the pool for one swimmer per lane for lap swim (this is a maximum of 8 swimmers at one time for our pool) per the guidelines set forth by the Fairfax County Health Department. You will be able to sign up and pay for the using the pool during Phase 1 using your pool membership account only. By using the pool software sign up process, we can easily see if lanes and time slots are filling up and potentially offer more times. Also, the pool software allows us to try and establish a contactless approach for our Phase 1 pool usage. A detailed set of instructions on how to sign up is at the bottom and will be posted on the Mosby Woods Pool website (htttps://

Phase 1 Trial Lap Swim Hours: June 8 to June 20
Plan: five hours per day, a mix of opening hours each day.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 6-8AM, 6-9PM
7:00-7:50AM (as of 1 June, all full)
7:00-7:50PM (as of 1 June, all full)

Tuesday/Thursday 1-3PM, 5-8PM
6:00-6:50PM (as of 1 June, only a few spots left)

Saturday 12-3PM, 4-6PM
12:00-12:50PM (as of 1 June, only a few spots left)
2:00-2:50PM (as of 1 June, only a few spots left

As a reminder since we cannot reasonably open to the General Membership during phase 1, you will not be charged your annual dues for the time we are in Phase 1.  This means if you have already paid your dues for this summer, we will refund the portion of your dues for this part of the season. Dues refunds will be calculated once the total duration the pool is available is determined. Since we are not collecting dues, in order to use the pool during Phase 1 each lap swimmer will be $5 per swimmer for a 50-minute
session. The dues collected through the pool software are to cover paying the lifeguards and the other expenses of operating the pool since General Membership is being refunded during this time.

When you sign into your pool membership account, via the additional COVID-19 waiver and pool bylaws will display right after you login. Please take the time to read and understand the COVID-19 waiver as we want to make sure we have a safe pool for everyone to use. We hope by allowing this opportunity during Phase One we can help people get out and enjoy the pool in a safe environment. We understand the rules set out are different than what you are used to, but the additional caution allows for a safe environment for
everyone to enjoy the pool. Each person has their own unique set or circumstances they are dealing with during these stressful times so by setting these rules we can assist keeping everyone safe and able to use the pool. We take these rules very seriously and ask that you do as well.

For Phase 1 Lap Swimming here are the guidelines:

1. Use of the pool will be for 50 minutes (from the top of the hour until 50 minutes after the hour).

2. Swimmers will need to sign a waiver acknowledging the additional rules and risks.

3. Swimmers will need to sign up and pay for their time slots ahead of time using eSoft.

4. We will need at least 6 swimmers to sign up for each time slot.

5. In addition, the pool needs to be open for a minimum of 2 consecutive hours (to ensure guard coverage); therefore, we need 6 swimmers to sign up for each of these time slots (for example: 6 swimmers for 6:00 and 6 swimmers for 7:00 for a total of 12 swimmers for this 2-hour increment from 6:00 – 8:00).

6. Any time slot that does not meet this minimum requirement will be canceled ahead of time and swimmers will be notified in advance.

7. We hope that lap swimmers will sign up for 2 or more times a week.

8. The administrative burden to manage refunds is significant and all no-shows or cancellations due to inclement weather are considered a donation to the pool operation.

9. Since the session is only 50 minutes, we strongly encourage you to use your bathroom at home before you come to the pool. If you need to use the restroom at the pool, the family restroom will be available for use (in which the guard will clean after each use).

10. You will need to shower at home prior to coming to the pool as the normal Men and Women’s restrooms will be closed.

11. You will enter the pool through the gate near the snack bar and go directly to your lane.

12. You will exit the pool through the gate near the Party Area.

13. Swimmers are to wear masks while they enter and exit the pool (obviously, not while they are swimming).

14. All swimmers are expected to practice social distancing at all times.

15. No furniture will be available for use except a chair at the end of each lane for placement of your belongings while you swim.

16. The timing clock will be on display, but no personal equipment will be provided.  Each swimmer is required to bring their own equipment including cap, goggles, kickboards, swim floats, etc.

17. At 50 minutes after the hour (regardless of what time you showed up to swim), you will need to exit the pool and then exit through the gate before the next hour, to allow for the next group of lap swimmers.

18. Lap Swimmers must be 14 years of age or be accompanied by a separate paying adult (18 or older). Therefore, if you want to bring your child under 14 you will be reserving 2 lanes for a total of $10.

19. If you or anyone in your household test positive for COVID-19 and used the pool during Phase 1, please contact your health care provider and then email to let us know. We will keep personal information safe, but we need to let those that were at the pool know. Note: this rule applies for all staff at the pool as well.

Hopefully the sign up process is fairly straightforward, but here are some Instructions for signing up for Phase 1 Lap Swimming just in case:

1. Using the Mosby Woods Pool page (, select “Login” Menu–>”Member Login”sub-menu.

2. Sign into your eSoft account.

3. Read the new COVID-19 waiver carefully and then acknowledge the terms and conditions. If you have any questions about the new rules please contact us at

4. Then click the Continue button

5. Click the “Sign Up for Camps/Classes” button at the top center of the page.

6. Click the week you want to sign up for (June 8-14 or June 15-21  )

7. All the available slots will be listed. Select the timeslot you want to sign up for and click the “Sign Up” button on the far right.

8. A separate window will be displayed titled “Select Family Member”. Only those family members registered with your account will be available for selection.

9. Select a person from the Family Member dropdown option.

10. Click the Add to Cart button.

11. At this time, you can sign up for more classes by going back to step 6 or if done click the View My Cart and Check out button

12. Once you verify the classes you want to sign up for are listed in your cart, click the Continue to Checkout button.

13. On the next page, you can re-verify the information and then click the Continue with Payment and Scheduling button

14. Next the payment page will appear where you will have to enter you credit card information to purchase your timeslot.

15. Once you enter your information and are ready to complete your purchase, click the Payment button. – Note: you can cancel all purchases up to 2 days before the first day of the camp (i.e. June 5th 11:30pm for the first week of June 8th )

We hope that this program allows those who choose to participate to enjoy the pool for lap swimming, and with everyone’s cooperation, we hope that we will be able to continue this program for as long as Fairfax remains in Phase 1. Any questions please feel free to reach out.

On behalf of the Board,
Thank you,

James Cecere