COVID-19 Correspondence #3: Lap Swim Begins

As a lot of you already know, we have come up with a plan for Phase 1 Lap Swimming and are ready to give it a test run starting on Monday (6/8/20).  Hopefully, all of you that are interested in doing lap swimming have signed up; however, if you have not, there are still slots available.  Please log in to eSoft to check out times, sign the waiver, reserve your time, and pay.  As you should be aware, no one will be charged membership fees during this time and so the only way to pay for the guards and other pool operating expenses is by charging for each slot.  We need a minimum number of people to sign up for each slot and so unfortunately we had to eliminate a few of the less popular times.  Hopefully the few people that signed up for these less popular slots found other slots that will work for them; if not, you will be refunded your money.  All the slots that are now listed for this week (6/8/20 – 6/13/20) are locked-in and so there is no risk of them being cancelled due to lack of participation.  These same time slots are also locked in for the following week (6/15/20 – 6/20/20); however, there are a few additional slots that we are trying to expand to but need enough attendance to be confirmed.

In order to offset some of our expenses that we have for this year, we have decided to rent our pool to Makos Swim Team while it is not being used for lap swim or other pool activities.  Although this is a new partnership including more hours, it is not unlike our partnership we have had with Tiny Tots for numerous years in which they rented our pool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  By the way, Tiny Tots will not be using the pool this summer since the restrictions in place do not work with their program.

As we start to hear what the guidelines will be for outdoor pools for Phase 2, it appears they will still be very restrictive.  We will continue to review the additional information as it becomes available, and pursue opening the pool to as much activity as possible while adhering to the Governor’s and health department’s instructions and maintaining as safe of an environment as possible.  Please bear with us as we continue to step our way through this process. 

On behalf of the Board,

Thanks again for your continued understanding and support,

Chuck Monnig