COVID-19 Correspondence #4: Lap Swim Continues, Dive Pool, and Water Aerobics

It was nice to see people swimming in the pool this week.   Not exactly what we are used to with kids laughing and playing in the pool and then lining up for candy at the Snack Bar during adult swim, but it was much better than a completely empty pool.  I hope those of you who were able to do some laps enjoyed it as we try to move forward under the current restrictions. 

We continue to try to balance the number of slots for lap swimming with the number of people that want to swim.  I know it is hard to commit early (a week or two ahead of time) but it ensures that we can have enough paying swimmers to cover the cost of operation.  As much as I would like to make decisions “on the spot,” unfortunately, it is a process to set up with NV Pools and the guards.  A few things came up during the first week:

  1. The eSoft confirmation tells everyone that they are in lane 1.  Please disregard the “Lane 1” part.  You will be assigned to a lane when you show up at the pool.
  2. Unfortunately, we can not take walk-ups since the guards will not be aware of whether a walk-up has signed the required waiver or not.
  3. Family members can switch out with other family members; however, they can not switch out with other people (this would be considered a “walk-up”…see #2 above).

Although Northern Virginia has moved into Phase 2, it is still restrictive (no baby pool), not exactly crystal clear (can use the pool for exercise but not recreation), and some of it is almost impossible to implement (ie: 3 people in a lane that must maintain 10’ distance while exercising).  What we (the Board) have decided we can implement at this time is the following:

  1. Continue to have lap swimming this coming week like we did the first week (signup for 1 swimmer per lane); however, we added more times on Tuesday and Thursday (6/16 and 6/18) from 3 to 5 and on Sunday (6/21) from 1 to 6 to accommodate more people.  Signup now.
  2. We are including water aerobics classes on Saturday (starting 6/20/20) from 9:00-10:00 and 10:30-11:30 AM with a limit of 15 per class. Classes will be $8 per person.
  3. Starting this weekend (6/20/20) we will also be opening up the diving well to family dive and swim for $25/50 minutes. Obviously, the family in the diving well will need to stay 10’ away from the adjacent lane 7 and other swimmers.
  4. Starting next week (6/22/20) we will allow 2 swimmers to sign up for each lane and start at opposite ends of the pool. Obviously, 2 family members in the same lane would not be asked to social distance. We will ask faster swimmers to swim in lanes 5, 6, and 7; and the slower swimmers/walkers to use lanes 8, 1, and 2; leaving 4 and 5 for those swimmers in the middle.

We realize this schedule is far from ideal, but it is what we feel comfortable implementing at this time.

Chuck Monnig