COVID-19 Correspondence #5: Lane capacity and Shallow End

If anybody was expecting us to get it right every time, they would have been sorely mistaken.  We continue to make changes in an attempt to get as many people in the pool safely as we can, and sometimes it doesn’t work out the way we plan.

When we first opened up the swim lanes in Phase 1, we were limited to 1 swimmer per lane.  This was great for 8 people; however, the more popular times filled up so quickly that many people were not able to get into the time slots they wanted.  When Phase 2 allowed 3 swimmers per lane, I thought increasing the number of swimmers to 2 per lane would enable more people to safely sign up for the more desired time slots.  However, the feedback has been that many people do not feel comfortable swimming with another person in their lane.  Therefore, the Board has decided to change the rules back to one swimmer per lane unless you want to bring another family member (from your same household) with you to share your lane.  You only need to reserve one lane for 2 family members ($5).  Therefore, if you have already signed up for 2 slots ($10) but now only need one lane, you can cancel your other reservation and get a $5 credit to be used at another time, as long as you make the change by 8:00 PM Friday (6/19/20).

On a more exciting note, the Board has decided that we can now allow families to reserve the shallow (“toddler”) section of the pool.  Starting on Tuesday (6/23/20), a family (all from the same household) can reserve the shallow section of the pool for $25 for 50 minutes.  There will be one table and two chairs set up for your use, and no other furniture is to be brought in to the pool area.  We will be temporarily closing eSoft down on Saturday (6/20/20) at 9:00 PM to implement the changes required to allow for this type of reservation and will be opening it back up on Sunday (6/21/20) at noon to allow people to sign up.  Please note, all family members will be expected to social distance from other swimmers and parents/guardians will be expected to keep their children away from the swim lanes and other swimmers.

Just a reminder to all swimmers, as the pool gets a little more crowded, we need everyone to work together to remember to social distance from each other.

Thanks again for your support and understanding,

Chuck Monnig