COVID-19-Correspondence #6: Clarifications

Just a couple reminders, updates, and clarifications.

As I stated in my last Correspondence #5, we will be taking eSoft off line tonight at 9:00 PM to include time slots for reserving the shallow section of the pool.  However, it will be brought back on line at 8:00 tomorrow morning (6/21/20) for reserving the shallow section starting on Tuesday 6/23/20.

To give everyone a chance to reserve it, there is a maximum of only 2 reservations per week (for the shallow section and the diving well combined) with only one of those being allowed on the weekend.  The reservations will be $25/50 minute session.  There will be one table and two chairs set up for your use, and no other furniture is to be brought in to the pool area.  All family members will be expected to social distance from other swimmers, and parents/guardians will be expected to keep their children away from the swim lanes and other swimmers.  We ask that you be courteous (provide the proper social distance of 10’) to any of the swimmers that need to use the stairs in the shallow end to gain access to the swim lanes.  We also ask swimmers that need to use the stairs to be courteous to the families in the shallow end (ie: show up on time for your time slot, communicate with the family you need to use the stairs, and wipe the rail with the cleaning supplies provided after use).   We ask that everyone use their bathrooms at home before coming to the pool to minimize the use of the pool bathroom that needs to be cleaned in between every use.  Keep in mind, an accident in the pool will close it for everyone and so if your child needs to use the restroom, please use it!

If you are not keeping track; we now have swim lanes, diving well, shallow water area, and water aerobics that you can sign up for.  Unfortunately, since we are not charging full membership fees, all these opportunities are funded by the participants who sign up; therefore, if they are cancelled due to weather or an accident in the pool, we still have the expense of life guards, instructors, and other operation.  As a result, we are not able to refund the money to participants if the pool is closed during their respective time slots (this includes the diving well and the shallow pool reservations).  To clarify, we process all charges on Fridays for the following week; therefore, any reservations in the system on Friday are confirmed and no further refunds will be given.  Any changes made prior to Friday for the following week, a credit will be given.    

For those who are interested in the water aerobics on Saturday morning at 9:00 or 10:30; it will be led by Jackie Moore who has been an instructor for over ten years.  She will provide instruction for all fitness levels.  No equipment is needed nor will it be provided.  Swimmers caps are not required but are welcomed to be used by those who prefer it and bring their own.  Jackie will provide music and instruction geared to the participants’ level.

One detail when reserving the diving well and shallow end: although there is a max of 2 per week (this is for the diving well and the shallow end combined) with only one of these occurring on the weekend; the only exception is if a time slot goes unfilled.  When there is only 36 hours left before that time slot is to begin, anyone can sign up for it even if they already have 2 other slots.

If you are not feeling well or have had a temperature in the last few days, please stay at home.

Thank you for reading yet another correspondence as we try to keep things as clear as possible.

Chuck Monnig