COVID-19 Correspondence #7: Phase 3 – Opening to General Membership

This is a very long email that is going to explain the opening of the Mosby Woods Pool on July 13th under the Phase 3 Guidelines provided by the Governor, and how we will try to safely implement them at our pool.  This has a lot of information from the Board that is a result of hours of discussions, intense debate, and serious compromise that I believe best serves as many of the membership as possible.  It will be too strict for some, too lenient for others, but hopefully just right for the majority.

Below is an outline of the basic rules (skip down to “Phase 3 Plan” now if that is all you want to know); however, for those interested in how we got to some of the conclusions we have below or a little more explanation, I am going to try to explain some of the decisions in a little more detail.

Opening to the general membership on July 13th will provide 63 days of the original 108 day season which calculates to 58% of the season remaining.  We realize there are additional restrictions for the remainder of the summer due to our current situation and so we are only charging 50% of the normal dues for the remainder of the year.  For those who have already paid, we will be refunding half of your membership at the end of August.  We do not want to refund the money immediately in case things do not work out in Phase 3 and we need to increase this refund.  The refund process is a big undertaking and we do not want to have to do it twice.  Some have asked if they can donate their forthcoming refund to the pool for the ongoing expenses we are incurring…Absolutely!  However since we are not a 501(c)(3), any donation to the pool is not tax deductible.  There is a link regarding membership at the bottom of this email in which you can indicate what you want done with your refund.

The Phase 3 Guidelines state that pools are allowed to have 75% occupancy “provided ten feet of physical distance be maintained between patrons not of the same household.”  This would allow 189 members in the pool at one time which we believe is too many to satisfy the second part of this requirement; therefore, we have reduced this to 50% of our occupancy which is 126 members in the main pool facility with an additional 2 families in the baby pool.

In an attempt to give everyone as much access as possible without standing in line at the pool, we are requiring members to sign up for time slots (there is no charge for this, other than your membership fee).  We will have 2 hour sessions 11-1, 1:30-3:30, 4-6, and 6:30-8:30 every day of the week.  Everyone is limited to 3 sessions per week with only one of those being on the weekend, which we are considering Friday-Sunday.  If a session has any availability on the day it is going to occur, members can sign up for these open slots regardless to how many sessions they have already signed up for the week.  If you do not use your 3 sessions in one week, they do not carry over to any following week.  Note: the 30 minutes in-between sessions will allow time to spray down the furniture and wipe down the bathrooms and other touch surfaces. 

We would like to be able to accommodate more families in the baby pool; however, with the 10 foot distance requirement, we are only able to physically fit 2 families at a time while maintaining this requirement.  Since we believe there is a higher demand and obviously fewer slots for this area, we are limiting signups to 2 times per week with only 1 being on the weekend.  The times of the sessions and cleaning are similar to the main pool.

We will continue adult lap swim from 6-7 and 7-8 AM M, W, and F; however, it has been modified from previous years to what we were providing during Phase 2: sign up on eSoft for one lane for $5.  You can have 2 from the same household share one lane for the same $5 fee.

Because of the limited number of slots at the pool, we have unfortunately had to eliminate all guests for this year.  All guest passes will be able to be used once again next year.

The furniture will be spread out around the pool deck to provide proper distancing.  Tables are not to be moved.  Some of the tables will be provided with chairs that will be sprayed down along with the tables in-between each session and some tables will be provided without chairs, in case you feel more comfortable bringing your own.  If you prefer to forego the tables altogether, you are welcome to bring a blanket to spread out on the lawn, as long as you maintain the proper distance from other families.  There will be some lounge and sand chairs spread about the pool area.

All children attending the pool must be at least 14 years of age to come without an adult.  An adult is considered 16 years or older for the purposes of accompanying a child 13 years old or younger.

All the restrooms and showers will be open; however, we encourage that you shower and use your own bathroom at home before you head to the pool.  We also encourage you to shower at home after you swim; however, if you want to shower at the pool before you leave, remember that the restrooms will be closed for cleaning at the end of your session.  Stated another way, if you want to shower at the pool after you finish swimming, you must be complete with your shower and out of the restroom at the end of your 2 hour session.

Masks will be required as you enter the pool through the bath house and while you are going through the restrooms.  They will not be required while you are on deck, but please be considerate of others who may be more concerned than you may be.

The bathhouse entry doors and the doors to the restrooms will be propped open to minimize the necessity to operate the levers.  We will also be requesting that people exit through the gates in lieu of going through the bathhouse.  Note: you will not need to swipe your membership card upon exit since we will be clearing out the system at the end of each session.

The Snack Bar and the grills will not be open or available for use.  We are still assessing if we can open the snack bar and the grills under the new guidelines in an effective manner.  We will continue to review and evaluate as we continue to move forward and will let you know if there is a change in status.

We have tried to address as many issues as we could; however, we know other questions will arise.  Please let us know if you have something that needs to be answered, but typically, if you think what would be the most considerate for the membership, you will probably have your answer.  We also realize that some of the rules we are starting out with, could have unintended consequences.  If this comes to be true, we will need to adjust course and will try to keep you posted as quickly as possible.

As I stated above, we will be opening under Phase 3 Guidelines on July 13th; however, signups for time slots will start on July 10th at 8:00 AM.  We hope that you find the requirements listed below (and some of the explanation above) gives you the comfort to join the pool for the rest of the season; however, if you have decided that you would rather take the year off, we understand.  Please click on this link to indicate whether you want to be a member this year or defer until next year and to inform us how you want your refund handled here.

The summary of the Phase 3 Plan is below and we would appreciate it if you reviewed the Governor’s requirements here.

As always, I look forward to seeing you poolside!

Chuck Monnig

Phase 3 Plan:

Hours: The pool will be open in 2 hour sessions with a 30 minute block of time in between sessions where the entire pool facility will be cleared for the guards to clean the pool area and bathrooms.

Mon-Sun: 11:00am-1pm; 1:30pm -3:30pm; 4pm-6pm; 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Note: Within each 2 hour block there will be a 10 minute break at the halfway point for children under 16 years old.

Pool Capacity: For a given session, the pool will allow 126 members to sign up for a single session which is 50% of the pool capacity (note: regulations are based on pool capacity not entire facility capacity).  For weekdays (Monday-Thursday), a family can sign up for two times only during the week to ensure that every family has an opportunity to come to the pool.  For weekends (Friday-Sunday), a family can sign up only once during the weekend to ensure that every family has an opportunity to come to the pool.  If a session still has any availability the day of, a member can sign up that day for any open slots beyond their allotted amount.  If a family does not sign up for their 3 slots in any one week, they do not carry over to following weeks.

Baby pool capacity:  The Baby pool will have a separate sign up for 2 families with a child under 5 years of age, per session. Only those signed up for the baby pool are allowed in this area during a session.  A family can sign up for only two slots during the week with a maximum of one being on the weekend (Friday-Sunday) to ensure that every family has an opportunity to come to the pool.  If a session still has any availability the day of, a member can sign up that day for any open slots beyond their allotted amount.

Usage Restrictions:  During this time of social distancing and more restraint, children need to be 14 years or older to be at the pool by themselves.  A child under 14 years old, must have an adult (16 or older) accompanying them for check in and with them during their entire stay at the pool.

Entrance/Exit:  Patrons will enter through the main pool entrance and will need to scan their Mosby Woods Pool card for entry.  Patrons will exit at the completion of a session through the gate in the party area near the baby pool.

Restrooms:  Restrooms will be open for during a session with a 15 minute warning issued by the lifeguards prior to the bathroom closure at the end of the session.  Once a session period completes, the bathrooms will be closed for cleaning as patrons exit.  We encourage changing into bathing wear and showering prior to coming to the pool to limit the amount of people and interactions in the bathroom area.

Furniture:  There will be tables spaced 10ft apart for patron usage.  Half of the tables will have chairs provided and the other half will not have chairs to allow those who want to bring their own chairs/blankets.  As spacing allows, some lounge chairs will be put out at 10 ft intervals.  Please do not move the tables as they will be marked at 10 ft apart.

COVID rules:  Masks must be worn at ALL times while you are in the pool house for entry and bathroom usage.

As noted, the pool will close for 30 minutes to clean between sessions.  If a patron desires further cleaning, they are encouraged to bring their own wipes.

There will be no equipment sign out to limit shared equipment.  The four square, tether ball and volleyball area will be closed.  Toy usage will be limited to the pool and not any of the grass areas surrounding the pool.  

There will be no lost and found so all items left at the pool at the end of a session will be discarded.

There will be no food delivery allowed to the pool at this time.  Patrons may bring their own food, but please be considerate and clean up.

The grills will not be turned on for usage at this time.

The rule of no admittance to the guard office will be strictly enforced this year.  Anyone entering the guard office (other than guards that are on duty, managers, and Board members) without an emergency, are subject to immediate expulsion from the pool (tell your teenagers!).