COVID-19 Correspondence #8: Sign-up Reminder

The swim slots are posted on eSoft and so far members are signing up for their desired time slots…I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it all goes well!

We have heard from some of you on whether you want to keep your membership for this year or if you have decided to take the year off; however, we would like to hear from all of you.  Please spend a couple minutes to let us know your intentions by clicking here.  If we do not hear from you by the end of the day on July 20th we will assume that you want to be a member under the guidelines I outlined in the previous correspondence (#7) and you want the 50% refund sent back to you.

A few notes as we get ready to move into Phase 3:

  1. If you sign up for a time slot and then realize you won’t be able to use it, please cancel it so that somebody else can use the time slot.
  2. Unlike the other sign-ups, the baby pool sign-up is per family.  There are 2 slots available and so please just sign your family up under one name (you will all be allowed into the baby pool area).
  3. The furniture will be set up for social distancing: some tables with chairs, some tables for people to bring their own chairs, some chaise lounge chairs, and a few sand chairs.  Please do not move it without asking the guards.  Note: there will also be some grassy area designated for those who prefer to bring a picnic blanket.
  4. We will be trying a few different ways to enter the pool area to figure out the best way to get everyone into the pool area as quickly and easily as possible.  Please be aware of this and we will have signs indicating the entrance you should use.
  5. Once we knew we were going into Phase 3 we ordered new membership cards.  As soon as they arrive we will set up some pick-up times.  Until then, if you do not have a card, please just give the guards your name and they will be able to check you in.
  6. Water aerobics will be going to one session starting on Saturday 7/18/20 from 9:30-10:30 AM as you can see on eSoft.  For those who plan ahead, there will be no class offered on 8/15/20 unless I can find someone to fill in for Jackie, who will be unavailable.