Guest Pass Policies & Procedures


  1. Guest passes may only be purchased by active, paid MWRA members.
  2. Non-MWRA members who are residents of a member household can only use guest passes a maximum of 5 times in one season.
  3. Members must accompany their guests to the pool.
  4. Passes are good for one day only.
  5. Unused prepaid passes may be used in subsequent seasons, providing that the member has paid their membership dues for that season.
  6. MWRA reserves the right to revoke guest pass privileges for members who repeatedly violate guest pass policies.

II. Procedures

  1. Prepaid Guest Passes
    A maximum of 20 passes can be purchased during the membership renewal period. These guest passes are $4.00 each and will be stored electronically and redeemed via your eSoft account.
  2. Gate Guest Passes
    Guest passes purchased at the gate are $5.00 each, payable by cash (exact change is required), check (payable to “MWRA”), or credit card. See the lifeguards at the front desk.