***The pool is implementing a new membership system for summer 2020. Our hopes are that it will help with renewing memberships and maintaining member accounts, managing guest passes and also further streamline the check in/check out process. We appreciate your patience during this transition. ***

New Memberships
New members may join at any time in the season when memberships are available.

Wait List
As of February 24, 2020, all families who were on the wait list  have been invited, via email. to join the pool.  Additional requests to join the pool after this date should enter your information here and they will receive an update on their status the third week of April 2020.

Membership Renewals
Memberships must be renewed annually on line and annual dues paid by April 1. A $50 late fee will be assessed on payments received after April 1. Renewing members must pay by April 15 to secure membership for the upcoming season, after April 15 your membership will not be held should we reach capacity.

Renewal information will be sent mid February via email. For summer 2020 we are converting our membership software to eSoft. Members will be sent login information and membership information. Members will now maintain their own account and will still have the option to pay via check or credit card. If you need assistance with eSoft please contact  Ashley Taylor at  Changes to your membership can now be made through your online account and each family will have access to their file.

A few things to note when renewing your membership on line…if you’ve already paid your initiation fee in full you can choose EITHER type of membership (as long as it corresponds with the correct number of household members) and this will be reflected. Also, it looks like the software defaulted and the secondary email is the same as the primary email – please update your secondary email if you’d like an additional member of your household to receive emails from the pool.

Membership Deferments
Members in good standing can opt to defer their annual dues for up to 3 seasons by completing the MWRA Deferral/Cancellation Form by Apr 1st and paying the $30/season deferral fee. See payment instructions below.

Membership Cancellation

If you would like to cancel your membership, please take a moment to complete the MWRA Deferral/Cancellation Form to apprise us of your plans/tell us about your experience at Mosby Woods Pool.

Initiation Fee

In addition to annual dues, new members pay a one-time Initiation Fee payable in equal installments over 3 years. Alternatively, new members may elect to pay the entire Initiation Fee in the first year of membership at a discounted rate. This payment is non-refundable and the membership is non-transferable.

INSTALLMENT PAYMENT OPTION ($120/year for 3 yrs): $360

Annual Dues

Pool dues are based on the number of family members in your household who will be using the pool, according to the following schedule:



delayed opening due to COVID-19

First Adult $107.50 $215
Additional child, adult or day care provider in the household $62.50 $125
Annual Maximum per Membership $295 $590


A family of four want to become new members of the pool.



delayed opening due to COVID-19

Initiation Fee (single payment) $300 $300
First Adult $107.50 $215
Additional adult or children (three individuals) $187.50 $375
Total for First Year $595 $890
Total for Each Renewal Year Thereafter
$590 $590


A family of two want to become new members of the pool and use the installment plan to pay their initiation fee.



delayed opening due to COVID-19

Initiation Fee (1st installment) $120 $120
First Adult $107.50 $215
Additional adult or child (one individual) $62.50 $125
Total for First Year $230 $460
Total for Second and Third Renewal Year $460 $460
Total for Each Renewal Year Thereafter (on fourth year and later)
$340 $340

Guest Passes
Members are permitted to bring guests to the pool in accordance with the Pool’s Guest Pass Policy. Click Here for Guest Pass Policies & Procedures.

Purchase guest passes:

  • In advance: through Membership, at the beginning of the season only, can be pre-ordered in books of 10 for $40 ($4.00/each). The pre-ordered passes are not sold individually. If you miss this opportunity at the beginning of the season, please get your passes at the door.
  • At-the-door: purchased from the pool front desk at $5/each.

Membership payments can be made using the following:

  •  Check: made out to “Mosby Woods Recreation Association (MWRA)”
    • Dropped in the locked mailbox at

3136 Plantation Parkway
Fairfax, VA 22030

    • Mailed to

3136 Plantation Parkway
Fairfax, VA 22030

    • Credit/Debit Card: Plus an additional processing fee.  Sign in to your account here.


Questions about membership and associated fees should be directed to